PERRUZZA: We need a new deal for Toronto

TORONTO – Councillor Anthony Perruzza registered at City Hall to run for Toronto mayor on Wednesday.

“My priority is to help Torontonians get by in these tough times,” said Perruzza, “That means stopping the hikes on property tax, TTC fares and user fees.  Torontonians need these services and can’t afford to shoulder more costs.” 

Perruzza is the only Toronto city councillor running for mayor that voted against raising property taxes by 7 per cent this year, and 4.4 per cent the year before.

“This year the city of Toronto will be writing a cheque to the provincial government for $2.2 billion.  We can’t keep giving away almost one third of our property taxes.  It’s time for a new deal for Toronto and everyone knows it,” said Perruzza.  “I will negotiate a new deal that works for our city.”

Anthony Perruzza immigrated to Toronto as a child and is a carpenter by trade.  As City Councillor he has represented his ward for nearly 17 years.  He has worked with the community to fix local problems including preventing basements from flooding and getting property tax relief for hundreds of seniors.   Together with local residents they founded local education and arts initiatives, renovated the local library, and brought the subway to North York.

“In the next few weeks, I will be talking to Torontonians about the future of our city and to seek their mandate to negotiate a better deal for Toronto,” said Perruzza. 


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