Smart construction solutions will reduce gridlock

Mayoral candidate Anthony Perruzza announced a better way to do construction in the city of Toronto. 

“We should not suffer under excessive lane closures, with delayed major public works construction projects that seem to take forever,” said Perruzza.

“The industry can easily avoid excessive lane usage for public works construction by applying techniques that don’t inconvenience Toronto residents,” said Perruzza.  “Lane closure permits should be a last resort, not the first one.”

Smart solutions for construction include not working during peak hours, digging trenches and using cut-and-cover tunnels so that streets can be used by drivers and pedestrians.

“As Mayor, I will ensure that public works projects on our major streets either apply smart construction solutions or pay a permit charge for lane usage,” said Perruzza. “Residents shouldn’t pay the price of construction that barricades Toronto streets for days, months, and sometimes even years.”

“Too many of us are stuck during traffic for hours, contributing to gridlock and pollution,” said Perruzza.  We cannot even measure the cost to the local economy, particularly to small businesses.”   

Smart construction solutions will reduce gridlock in many construction projects across the city.

“In my own ward, on Weston Road, we were able to manage construction without cutting off the road during peak hours,” said Perruzza.  “There is no reason why we couldn’t do the same thing across the city.”