Smart cities issue better contracts: Perruzza

Mayoral candidate Anthony Perruzza presented a smart solution to city construction work projects that take up lanes and obstruct traffic.

“There is no need to have clumsy and ineffective contractors cutting off lanes, creating congestion and pollution across the city,” said Perruzza. “Smart cities don’t let work projects eat up road space.”

As mayor, Perruzza will alter the tendering process to give contracts to companies that will minimally impact the roads.  

“If you plan to create havoc in our streets, you won’t get the contract,” said Perruzza.  “The contractor with a proposal that will minimally impact lanes will get the contract.”

Perruzza made his announcement as a response to work projects that disrupt the city and clog the downtown core.

“Eat up the road, no contract for you,”  said Perruzza.  “Smart cities issue better contracts.”