Anthony Perruzza on Scarborough SRT shutdown

Mayoral candidate Anthony Perruzza responded to concerns from Scarborough residents that there is no plan in place when the Scarborough SRT is shut down at the end of the year: 

Today there is no LRT. No subway.  No plan. City Hall is acting pennywise and pound foolish with Scarborough residents. You can’t leave people stranded for years while the subway is built.

How did we get here? City Council ignores the voices of the people of Scarborough and their representatives.

As Mayor, I will listen to Scarborough. I will fund the dedicated off-street subway in Scarborough. We did it with the Spadina extension in my ward and it’s money well spent. The busway is still used in North
York after the subway was completed.

Toronto does better when the people of Scarborough do better.