Perruzza makes affordability pledge to Torontonians

Mayoral candidate Anthony Perruzza announced his affordability pledge to keep city costs down for Torontonians and called on other mayoral candidates to do the same.

“I cannot believe other candidates are willing to make life more expensive for people when times are so tough,” said Perruzza.  “Are they talking to the same Torontonians I am talking to?”

Perruzza made the pledge as Torontonians are facing skyrocketing food, fuel and housing costs.

“Families can’t make ends meet. They can’t afford their homes.  They can’t pay their rent. As Mayor, I will make sure the city does it’s part to help make life more affordable, not more expensive.”

Perruzza’s affordability pledge consists of the following commitments:

  • No property tax increases for three years
  • No rent increases through property tax hikes
  • Freeze TTC fares and city fees
  • Build $1,000/month rental homes
  • Bring in free after school programs

“It’s obvious to everyone in the city that costs are going through the roof.  People are worried if their costs keep going up, they will have to move. Some already have,” said Perruzza. “We need to make sure we support Torontonians, not drive them out.  I hope every other candidate signs this pledge.”