Perruzza kicked off 25-ward Affordability Tour

TORONTO – Mayoral candidate Anthony Perruzza took to the streets on a rainy Saturday morning to speak to East York and Scarborough residents at Shoppers World Danforth to discuss the growing lack of affordability in the city.

“There is no bigger issue in Toronto right now,” says Perruzza. “Affordability affects every part of people’s lives. People tell me that they are buying less groceries or can’t afford to pay their bills. That’s why, as a city, we have to make sure seniors can afford to pay their property taxes or people going to work are able to pay TTC fares.”

Earlier in the day, Perruzza also took part on Earth Day celebrations at Ashbridges Bay, where he heard from committed rain-soaked volunteers about the importance of municipal green spaces.

Throughout his campaign, Perruzza has been championing issues such as affordability and more inclusive city services, which affect suburban Toronto residents particularly hard.

Perruzza’s 25-ward tour will continue with a stop in Etobicoke on Monday, where he will speak to residents impacted by rising property taxes.

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