Perruzza issues challenge to all candidates: Tell us what you will do with property taxes

Mayoral candidate Anthony Perruzza issued a challenge to all other candidates: Will they tell us whether they will raise property taxes?

Perruzza is the only major candidate who has promised not to raise property taxes in the next three years.  Both Josh Matlow and Brad Bradford have said they will raise property taxes.  “We need to hear from the other candidates,” said Perruzza.

“Families in Scarborough, North York, East York, Etobicoke, and the rest of Toronto can’t afford another property tax hike,” said Perruzza. “They’ve already had an 11 per cent increase in property taxes over the last two years.  Inflation and interest rates are eating away at their household budget.”

Perruzza pointed out that even the substantial increases in property taxes over the last two years did not put a dent on Toronto’s budget deficit.  He’s calling for money that Toronto collects in property taxes to stay in the city.

“Toronto sends $2.2 billion in property taxes to the province every year for ‘education’,” said Perruzza. “But guess what? That money goes into the province’s general revenue.  It’s not used for education.   I will negotiate a better deal so that money stays in the city for the people of Toronto.”

“Torontonians need to know:  Will other candidates commit to freeze property taxes?”