Perruzza champions community solution for housing, support crisis facing adults with disabilities

Mayoral candidate Anthony Perruzza is supporting the Aloha Autism Association’s innovative solution to the escalating housing and support crisis that adults with autism and developmental disabilities face in Toronto today.

“Too many families live in the shadow of uncertainty, fearing for the future of their adult children with disabilities,” Perruzza said.  “Families are worried about who will care for them when they no longer can. As Mayor, I’m committed to not only endorsing but actively supporting these tangible solutions.”

Perruzza is supporting Aloha’s three-phase plan to enable young adults with disabilities to transition smoothly into community living and independence, with guaranteed support along the journey. As Mayor, Perruzza will offer leased city lands at no cost, laying the groundwork for purpose-built supportive housing. Perruzza also committed to providing  $2.325 million annually to cover staffing and other ongoing operational expenses for phase 1 of the program.

Aloha’s three phases include:

Phase 1: Full Day skills program 
Phase 2: Respite services for 1-3 nights per month. 
Phase 3: Full-time assisted living.

“The three-phase initiative of Aloha Community Centers is born out of this understanding and a deep-rooted desire to transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and inclusion. We are embarking on this journey to ensure that no child ages out of support, no parent feels overwhelmed, and every individual, regardless of their abilities, feels valued and supported. This is more than a project – it’s our commitment to a more inclusive and empathetic society,” said Helen Hatzis, Founder of Aloha Toronto.

“As Mayor, I am committed to championing Aloha’s efforts to establish and sustain programs that are not only affordable but also transformative for thousands of families in the city,” said Perruzza. “Toronto families don’t just need us—they deserve our unwavering commitment.”

“I am committed to kick-starting the process with an initial housing and staffing investment and will vigorously seek the backing of other levels of government. Together, we can and will make a difference.”

About Aloha Autism Association and Aloha Toronto
Founded in 2013, the Aloha Autism Association is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization committed to preserving the legacy of Aloha Toronto. Established a year earlier in 2012, Aloha Toronto hosts an annual free event in the Toronto Beaches community, thoughtfully crafted for families with autistic children.

Since its inception, Aloha Toronto has been committed to its mission of supporting the autism community. Through a dedicated and unwavering effort, the organization has provided $33,000 to date in funding to their Aloha Community Fund. This fund is professionally managed and administered through Autism Ontario, ensuring the most effective utilization of resources.

To learn more about the struggles of families with adult children with developmental disabilities, click here. (Password: tenny)