Perruzza announces Rapid Work Crews to fix and upkeep Toronto streets better and faster

TORONTO, April 26, 2023 – Mayoral candidate Anthony Perruzza announced his plan to create eight Rapid Work Crews to fix and upkeep Toronto streets.

“Torontonians encounter potholes, broken streets, oversize garbage items, or falling branches every day, but they don’t have a way to fix these problems fast,” said Perruzza. “Rapid Work Crews will respond quickly to time-sensitive, community-driven complaints.” 

Perruzza’s plan will introduce district-based multi-task crews that will be assigned to a Toronto district. The district’s Rapid Work Crews will be dispatched quickly through the 311 app and get the work done fast.

The Repair Work Crews plan includes:

  • Two Rapid Work Crews, with two workers each, per district (North York, Toronto-East York, Etobicoke-York, Scarborough)
  • Residents will be able to take a photo of a time-sensitive problem and send it to the city with a GPS pin marking the exact location
  • Work will cover: Repair of potholes, broken and uneven asphalt, trimming of falling tree branches, removal of oversize garbage items, and cutting of tall grass on city property

The plan addresses both unforeseen issues affecting communities and the need to systematically upkeep city streets  by expanding services and using existing technology.

“Torontonians will be able to take a picture, send it through 311, and get a Rapid Work Crew that is trained in multiple tasks to respond.  No more waiting in a long cue for work to get done.” said Perruzza. “It’s one smart solution for a better Toronto.”

Aside from providing a much-needed service, Perruzza’s plan is cost-effective. To repair and upkeep city streets, Repair Work Crews will cost under $4 million a year. The estimated cost includes staffing expenses, as well as equipment and insurance. The program will also provide unionized jobs at a living wage, and training will be delivered through the City’s existing resources.

Media Contact: Ayesha Khan, (647) 771-2395,