It’s time to stand up for Toronto and get a new deal

Mayoral candidate and Toronto City Councillor Anthony Perruzza will be introducing a motion at City Council to stop handing over $2.2 billion in property taxes to the provincial government.

“I won’t raise property taxes this year to hand it over to Doug Ford,” said Perruzza.  “It’s time to stop begging the provincial government for funds and demand a better deal.”

The City of Toronto sends $2billion in property taxes to the provincial government every year.

“Torontonians can’t afford to keep giving their money away,” said Perruzza. “Our city is breaking down and our services are dwindling.”

 “City Council must stand up for Toronto and keep our property tax money in the City, so we can fix things,” said Perruzza.  “That’s my motion.”

“Toronto can’t keep cowering. Begging. Pleading. I will stand up for Toronto,” he concluded.