Perruzza announces plan to give back funds to Toronto communities

Mayoral candidate Anthony Perruzza announced his Give Back Fund, which allows each Toronto Community Council to access $100M of the City’s capital fund every year, so that neighbourhoods can decide how to build their own communities.

“I’m tired of downtown politicians going to Scarborough, going to Etobicoke, or coming to North York and telling people what they need to do,” said Perruzza.  “We know what we need.  We just need the resources to do it.”

Perruzza’s Give Back Fund will empower Community Councils with the funds they need to act on decisions made at the community level.

“Local residents should have the choice and the power to decide what happens in their communities,” said Perruzza. “People in Scarborough should be able to decide on what happens in their local parks.  People in Etobicoke should be able to decide what to do about local traffic congestion, since they have to deal with it every day.  And people in North York should be able to decide what happens locally.  Power, as well as funds, need to go back to communities.”