Stop Screwing with Scarborough and build busway now

Mayoral candidate and City Councillor Anthony Perruzza said, if elected, he would immediately build the Scarborough busway to replace the SRT.

Perruzza will be introducing a motion at City Council this week to build it now.

“We need to commit now to build the busway,” said Perruzza.  “No more delays. Let’s get it done. The people of Scarborough need it, and they should get it.”

Perruzza’s motion commits the city to investing the funds needed to build the Scarborough busway immediately.

“If we don’t start building now, Scarborough won’t have a busway to replace the SRT when it stops this November,” said Perruzza. “Downtown councillors need to stop messing with Scarborough, and start having some respect for the people of Scarborough.”